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Ladies Only Classes (Plus)

Ladies Class Plus: Elevate Your Confidence with Live Fire Experience Discover the next level of firearm proficiency and empowerment exclusively designed for women – the Ladies Class Plus. This comprehensive course builds upon the strong foundation laid in our Ladies Only Basic Class, taking your skills and confidence to new heights. Course Highlights: Reinforce Your […]

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Ladies Only Classes (Basic)

“Step into a world of knowledge and empowerment tailored exclusively for women. Our Ladies Only Class introduces you to the world of handguns and firearm safety, providing a comprehensive foundation for those new to firearms but eager to learn. Explore a range of essential topics: Understanding Ohio Laws: Gain insights into the legal aspects of

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Individual Private Lessons

Private Lessons: Tailored Training to Elevate Your Skills Embarking on a personal journey to hone your firearm skills? At Tiburon Tactical, our private lessons are customized to suit your pace and goals. Lessons are available in one-hour blocks, ensuring that you receive focused and personalized attention from our expert instructors. Documentation Requirements: Ensuring a Safe

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Enroll In Our Classes And Get 5% Off For Your First Firearm From Blue Shield Guns.