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Tiburon Tactical is a highly respected firearms training company located in Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to responsibly own and use firearms.

Tiburon Tactical offers a diverse range of firearms training courses to cater to various skill levels and needs. Our offerings include the Ohio Basic Concealed Carry Course, personalized private lessons, exclusive Ladies Only Classes, and a dedicated Child/Parent Safety Course.

The Ohio Basic Concealed Carry Course is a comprehensive 8-hour program. Participants can expect 6 hours of in-depth classroom instruction, covering topics such as firearm safety, handgun types, Ohio laws, situational awareness, holsters, avoidance strategies, and self-defensive shooting fundamentals. Additionally, the course includes 2 hours of live fire and range time to apply what you've learned in a practical setting.

Our Ohio Basic Concealed Carry Course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of firearm ownership and usage. You'll delve into important subjects like safety, the different types of handguns, Ohio's firearm laws, situational awareness, decision-making in self-defense scenarios, holster selection, avoidance tactics, and the fundamentals of self-defensive shooting.

The Ohio Basic Concealed Carry Course is priced at $90, which includes comprehensive instruction, range time, and valuable insights from our experienced instructors.

Yes, Tiburon Tactical offers personalized private lessons. These one-hour sessions allow you to receive tailored instruction, focusing on your specific needs and goals, whether you're a beginner looking to build fundamental skills or an advanced shooter seeking to refine your technique.

Our Ladies Only Classes are designed to create a comfortable and supportive environment for women interested in firearms. We offer a Ladies Only Basic course, covering topics such as Ohio laws, firearm functionality, types of firearms, purchasing procedures, and a laser range experience. For those who want to take their skills further, we also offer the Ladies Class Plus, which includes live fire training.

At Tiburon Tactical, our dedicated team of instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each training session. Among our instructors, you'll find individuals like Sean Greenlee and Derick Ruff, both with extensive backgrounds in firearms training and a genuine passion for helping students excel.

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Enroll In Our Classes And Get 5% Off For Your First Firearm From Blue Shield Guns.